The Eagles had the best group touchdown celebration in the NFL this week

The Philadelphia Eagles played a complete game on Sunday in their 34-7 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Even the touchdown celebrations were top notch!

“The fact that he’s not definitely out, that’s obviously good news,” said Koetter, adding that Winston won’t attempt to throw until later in the week, if he throws at all.

The team will make a decision to determine if he can play Sunday against the Buffalo Bills later this week. The issue is more about pain tolerance than anything. Koetter said there is no risk of further injury.

“The way I understand it, he will be cleared medically to play,” Koetter said. “I know Jameis can handle a lot of pain — that’s not gonna be an issue — I think it’s going to be more of, ‘Does Jameis feel like he can play at the level he needs to play at?’ Obviously, the No. 1 thing in all of this is Jameis’ long-term health. That has to be the No. 1 thing.”

When the Panthers brought Peppers back, they were hopeful he would be able to fill a ‘veteran depth’ role on the defensive line while the young guys got the chance to have break out seasons. Instead, it is Peppers who is having another break out season and is reminding Panthers that this new guy in town might just be the same guy they drafted in 2002. I’d say the Panthers made a good decision to bring him back, wouldn’t you?

He’s second on the Bears in rushing yards (181), and he’s second on the team in receiving yards (150). He leads the Bears in both targets (29), and in receptions (24). He’s eighth in the league, and first among all rookies, in catches. Cohen is also Chicago’s primary punt returner.

He’s been used in the slot, on the wing, split out wide, and at running back. He’s the most electric playmaker that the Bears have had since Devin Hester.

Despite falling into the fourth round of this year’s draft, Lawson has easily been one of the best defensive rookies across the NFL.lakers_018

Todd McShay’s updated Top 32: Ranking 2018 NFL draft prospects

We’re nearly halfway through another exciting college football season, and the standout prospects are cominginto focus.

There aren’t too many changes to this new list, but we have a new cornerback making his debut in the top 15.

Here are my top prospects for the 2018 NFL draft right now:

Wide receiver Jordan Matthews, who suffered a thumb injury in Week 4 that required surgery, was cleared Wednesday to return to practice on a limited basis. Coach Sean McDermott said it has yet to be determined whether Matthews will be able to play against the Buccaneers on Sunday, and he is designated as day-to-day. If Matthews can’t play, expect the Bills to turn to Zay Jones as their top wideout again. — Mike Rodak

Wide receiver DeVante Parker missed his first game of the season last week with an ankle injury and also missed Wednesday’s practice. Coach Adam Gase described Parker as day-to-day, but Thursday’s practice will be huge in determining Parker’s status against the Jets. Miami needs Parker to help stretch the defense. — James Walker

That was the plan here. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner had worked with Hester on the play that week, an out-and-up. The Bears tried to call the play earlier in the game, but didn’t like the coverage. Down seven with less than two minutes to play, it was time.

“Ron (Turner) told him, ‘You’re going to score a touchdown on this play,’” wide receivers coach Darryl Drake said about those practices. “And he did.”

Indeed, Hester took off from the 19, shimmied a bit to his right on the out, and then bolted up the field. Griese took a deep drop and a couple of launch pad steps up in the pocket and unloaded. The pass traveled 53 yards to Hester, who caught it two steps ahead of the defender.

“It seemed like a type of cover-two,” Hester said later. “The safety bit on the out route.”falcons_014

Aaron Gordon had 11 points, six rebounds and two blocks in the first half. He finished with 14 points.

Heat: All five of Miami’s starters scored in double figures. Kelly Olynyk had 10 points in his first game with the Heat and Dion Waiters had 15. бн Whiteside had 10 rebounds in the first half.

Magic: Rookie Jonathan Isaac, the No. 6 overall pick in June’s NBA Draft, converted his first NBA attempt on a put-back late in the first quarter after coming in with 3:10 to play. бн Gordon took a hard hit from Whiteside on a baseline drive late in the second quarter. Gordon remained on the floor momentarily before getting up. The play was reviewed and ruled a common foul.

Kaepernick had been linked to a handful of teams last summer, including the Ravens and Dolphins. Still, there’s been little interest in a 29-year-old quarterback who ranked 17th in the league in passer rating last fall. He’s languished as a free agent while players like Mark Sanchez and Ryan Fitzpatrick landed backup deals.

Earlier this week, his management reached out to the Tennessee Titans after starter Marcus Mariota was forced out of a blowout loss to the Texans with a hamstring strain. The franchise decided to sign Brandon Weeden, 6-19 as a starter and with a career 31:30 touchdown-to-interception ratio, instead.

Kaepernick remains a free agent in a season where players like Mike Glennon, Blake Bortles, Matt Cassel, Josh McCown, Jacoby Brissett, Brian Hoyer, and Case Keenum have all earned starts. If the league’s struggling teams reverse course and decide they need him, he’ll be ready to answer the call.

Steelers WR Martavis Bryant’s trade request is more fantasy football

With 4:41 left in the second quarter of their game Sunday in Kansas City, as the Steelers drove toward still another of this season’s many field goals, Antonio Brown caught a pass over the middle and dashed through the Chiefs secondary for a 26-yard gain.

“We first learned through media reports today that Mr. Kaepernick filed a grievance claiming collusion through our arbitration system and is represented by his own counsel. We learned that the NFL was informed of his intention to file this grievance before today. We are scheduling a call with his advisors for early this week.”

Kaepernick became a controversial figure last year when he became the first player to refuse to stand for the national anthem as a sign of protest against what he called racial injustice in the U.S. Many other players have since followed his lead, leading to fan protests and concern among owners and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that the players’ actions are hurting TV ratings and attendance.

The Browns are stuck in the mud for the most part offensively, but someone has to emerge as a consistent pass-catcher, right? (Well, apart from Duke Johnson Jr.) Louis has back-to-back five-catch games. This is a deeper-league add, as the Browns’ top receiver job has also been a merry-go-round so far this year.

I also think the union has a case in that NFL players’ contracts not only include how players are supposed to act on the field, but also off the field. You can therefore make the case that what they are doing in protesting is taking part in that civic duty.”tigers_048

The NFC West is vying with the AFC South to be the NFL’s saddest division

The first two weeks of the season haven’t been kind to the NFC West. Right now, the division looks similar to 2010, when the Seahawks won it with a 7-9 record.

The Seahawks didn’t score a touchdown this season until the fourth quarter in Week 2. Seattle is sitting at 1-1 right now, leading the division by virtue of beating another NFC West team, the 49ers. Otherwise they might still be winless.

I DM’ed Chuck on Tuesday to find out what the scuttlebutt with the Foot Gang is. He seemed confused by my question. So I asked him what he and the other Toe Boys were talking about. That outright offended him. I apologized, then asked what he saw this weekend.

He replied: Lot of [Raiders kicker] Giorgio Tavecchio talk. Kid is good but I worry about some hip stiffness and him falling off to his left too much — could end up missing right if his mechanics get out of whack.

Look at that. Boom. Bust that out at your next cocktail party. Everything you need to know about Giorgio Tavecchio, who was born in Milan, Italy and also has the name of someone my wife would leave me for. Curse you, you handsome, Italian, kicking bastard. CURSE YOU.

Chargers kicker, internet sensation, and my best friend he just doesn’t know it yet Younghoe Koo missed a potential game-tying field goal at the end of Los Angeles’ game against the Broncos when his kick was blocked. Some people argued that Koo was partially to blame, as his kick’s trajectory was low and allowed the Broncos’ Shelby Harris to get his arm on the ball, and those people are idiot monsters who deserve to spend eternity choking on a piece of meat.
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