Winter meetings predictions: What’s going to go down in Orlando

With much of the industry and the leaders of all 30 teams on site in Orlando, Florida, the winter meetings should deliver rumors, splashy trades and big-money moves by free agents. We asked our experts to predict what is likely to happen at the meetings before everyone leaves at the end of the week.

The showings by both in-transition teams indicate that Dorsey made the right choice. The Giants, for example, got beaten senseless in the fourth quarter by the Cowboys on Sunday and looked like a team in need of a total overhaul, with nothing to build on and a lot of mistakes to undo.

Arizona needs an upgrade at quarterback after passing on Patrick Mahomes in 2017, but Josh Allen of Wyoming isn’t the answer. Instead, the Cardinals can become a more defensive-dominant team for the future with Hurst.

Dallas has relied on Dez Bryant to be its consistent playmaker at receiver, but he has proven unreliable and past his prime. If the Cowboys continue to struggle, they could have their pick of the top receiver on their board.

Jeter declined comment for this story, but it would be easy for him to argue that he and majority owner Bruce Sherman bought a mess left by Loria and Samson.

The Marlins had a payroll of $115 million last season, and even after unloading most of Stanton’s $295 million (what’s left of the 13-year, $325 million contract extension he signed in 2014) and dropping Dee Gordon’s $38 million (the amount left on his five-year, $50 million deal signed in 2016) on the Mariners, they likely aren’t done.

“I think the fans were hoping that a white knight would roll in and throw money at the roster and go get some pitching,” Spencer said.

The brief window of optimism about the Bears hanging in the playoff race slammed shut fast with three straight aggravating losses. chargers_046-180x180

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