We may never know what Croc from Tom Brady’s ‘TB Times’ represents. Maybe it’s better that way.

To tell you the truth, I’m a little relieved. Sometimes mystery is the only satisfying conclusion. The beauty of these posts were their complete insanity. I loved that they didn’t make sense. When you’re an adult, it seems like everything has to make sense. The whole point is to always Figure It Out. There was something really weird, wonderful, and beautiful, even, about Brady’s totally inconsequential posts remaining completely incomprehensible.

Kane is the player I’m banking on as most likely to move and land in a fantasy-friendly location. He offers the most potential bang for teams seeking that top-line winger to complete their offense. The St. Louis Blues, San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings fit that bill (maybe not the Winnipeg Jets in this scenario). We know Kane has the skill to put up points when lining up with elite players on offense. He just doesn’t always show it.

On a playoff bound team giving him prime minutes, we should see more of the Kane who scored 34 points in the first 38 games of the season.

Meek Mill is a Philadelphia native, and his music turned into a rallying cry for the underdog Eagles, who ran onto the U.S. Bank Stadium field Sunday with the rapper’s “Dreams and Nightmares” blaring. Can you blame them? “Dreams and Nightmares” is an iconic album opener. That beat switch is hot enough that it could heat New York City for an entire winter if you hooked it up to the power grid.

Tacopina said Brinkley went against the recommendations of the district attorney and Mill’s probation officer, who recommended “no incarceration for technical violations,” and accused Brinkley of “taking an inappropriate personal interest in (Meek Mill) that goes above and beyond her role as a judge.”

Mill is a beloved Philadelphia rapper, but his imprisoning has sparked serious criminal justice reform discussions. In November, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and former 76ers legend Julius Erving spoke to hundreds of protestors outside of Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center in response to Mill’s sentencing.

Mill’s lawyers say they are optimistic that Mill’s sentence can still be reduced or commuted entirely through appeal.

They didn’t register a shot.bears_120

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