The craziness of Martinsville Speedway is just what NASCAR wanted.

The quotes are accurate, as heard among the showers of boos directed at Hamlin (a Virginia native!) and cheers toward Elliott after a final nine laps of madness that made sitting through the cold and overcast day worth it for the fans.

No driver should fear any penalties, as Elliott wrecked Hamlin on the cool-down lap. NASCAR wants chaos. It wants fans to gravitate toward the young drivers such as Elliott.

Official Sunday inactives should begin coming in at approximately 8 a.m. for the London game, 11:30 a.m. ET for the early games, 2:30 p.m. ET for the late games and 7 p.m. ET for the Sunday night game.

I suspect this would have probably been an even more exciting fly out if it hadn’t been hit by Chase Headley, who, stats suggest, isn’t allowed to hit the juiced baseballs. Every time Headley bats, umps swap out all the balls with pre-2015 balls. Because of that, we didn’t assume a home run.

I think if I were advising Cam Newton, I’d tell him one thing: Answering questions you might think are beneath you twice a week for a total of 25 minutes is a very small price to pay to stay out of controversy. Be benign. Be fairly nice. Be there.

I think Bob Hohler of the Boston Globe should take a bow for this story on three cornerstone Patriots from the Robert Kraft season-ticket days of a half-century ago. Their later lives were badly tarnished by the effects of playing the game. “If you didn’t play hurt in those days, you weren’t a man,” said cornerback Daryl Johnson.

Rather, why would Tavares want to stay with the Islanders? Security is a lure, and if the Islanders are going to lock Tavares in, they need to make some assurances about their future. flames_018