I know all my players by name now.

There’s now little doubt that the expansion draft set up the Golden Knights rather well, which is what a $500 million expansion fee and the necessity to attract fans in an emerging market will get you. Most teams protected seven forwards, three defensemen and one goalie, which allowed the Knights to compile a collection of quality defensemen and goaltenders and a few proven scorers buoyed by a group of players seeking the chance to show they are, too.

It was over when QB Wilton Speight went down with a back injury at Purdue. A week later, the Wolverines lost to Michigan State. Two weeks after that, they were blown out at Penn State. Now, they sit fourth in the Big Ten East.

I worry that this willingness to settle lowers his floor, as I’m not sold on him being an above-average marksman. That’s a major problem for a player who has yet to show much versatility in terms of rebounds or assists. He isn’t all that expensive tonight, so I expect your eye might naturally settle on him. Don’t make that mistake!

THE FINAL SAY: Ball flirted with triple-double numbers again, but his impact on this game was not what it has been in others.

The rookie has to keep taking — and has to start making — the perimeter shots opposing defenses are giving him. Until he can make 3s consistently, the Lakers will continue to go through roller-coaster stretches like they did Friday night when they went up 17 only to fall behind by double-digits in the fourth.

Pause. Slight chuckle, looking at the Chiefs’ front. “They don’t pressure here, do they? First time all game?” Carr calling signals from the shotgun. Safeties very wide, outside each hashmark. “It’s man-to-man. Two high guys [safeties].”canadiens_292_5233b912462bc83f-180x180