The New England Patriots have not been themselves.

After talk of them chasing an unbeaten season, they lost their first game and little has come easily for them since then.

The Dallas Cowboys regained “America’s Team” stature last season behind two rookies, quarterback Dak Prescott and tailback Ezekiel Elliott, as they provided a post-presidential-election boost to the sport’s sagging TV ratings. But with expectations even higher this season, the Cowboys are 2-3 and they could lose Elliott at any time if the NFL regains the right in court to enforce its six-game suspension of him under the personal conduct policy.

As long as the most-talked-about NFL player is Colin Kaepernick, who isn’t even on a roster, the league will have an issue and there will be questions about whether it can maintain its popularity and prosperity. As long as the most passionately debated NFL topic is the players’ protests during the anthem, the league is not succeeding in getting the focus back to the football being played.

Owners left the meeting in New York without requiring players to stand for the anthem, refusing to give in to the pressure being exerted by President Trump. But Trump shows no signs of abandoning the topic. It remains to be seen if that will keep the national controversy raging.

Just kidding. Though Trubisky started, he didn’t really get a chance to do much of anything. The Bears’ coaching staff called nine straight running plays to start the game. Unsurprisingly, the Bears went three-and-out three times. Even when facing third-and-long, Trubisky handed the ball off.

At least, that’s what we thought. The Bears decided it was a good idea to put Trubisky back into the game with just a few minutes remaining on the clock when Shaw was forced to leave with an injury.

Bears coach John Fox said that Mark Sanchez was not available in the fourth quarter, so Mitchell Trubisky re-entered for Connor Shaw.

Spanos, who has supported several conservative candidates in the past, used his statement to stand behind NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who fired back at Trump earlier in the day, calling the president’s comments “divisive.”chargers_095

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